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About Sylphae Doll Studio

I have always loved and been fascinated by dolls. I remember as a kid my parents would have to give me time out from my Barbies, because I would carry them around with me ALL the time.

When I moved out of home in my early 20’s the first thing I did was start collecting barbie dolls! I started sculpting dolls in my teens, with my mum, using polymer clay and the Robert McKinley method of cloth bodies. I have won ribbons in competitions for my dolls!

I stopped making dolls in my 20’s, and started learning how to make 3d models using various software, finally settling on Blender.

I have desired to own a ball jointed doll since I first learned of their existence. I have followed doll faceup and doll artists for years but never really had the time to pursue it.

In early 2022 I took some much needed time off work (I have been running my 3d and digital art business for 15 years) and thought, maybe I will make my own ball jointed doll! I already had the 3d printer and the blender knowledge, so I sat down, did some sketches and started modelling my prototype, Eve.

You can read about my dolls on my blog, and follow my process on Instagram.

You can read the full story here